Cyril wearing apron with wall of plants behind himGarden apron with several plants painted on

Recycled Canvas Gardener's Apron

Made from 100% recycled canvas, Cyril Cybernated's customizable gardening apron features an adjustable strap, two front utility pockets for tools, seeds, all your gardening needs and canvas material to paint, embroider, customize to your liking.

Photo of Cyril Cybernated in garden apron with measurement of 28 inches
Photo of Cyril wearing garden apron
Photo of Cyril wearing garden apron and displaying the back tie
Photo of garden apron on the floor with leafy designs painted on
Photo of garden apron with artwork painted onto it
Photo of garden apron and packaging tube on the floor
Photo of Cyril wearing garden apron and holding up branded tag
Photo of Cyril wearing garden apron surrounded by plants

Recycled Canvas Gardener's Apron

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Made from 100% recycled fabrics, this apron is the perfect canvas to express your creativity. You can embroider, paint, add your favorite enamel pins, and customize to express your uniqueness while being environmentally conscious. 

The Cyril Cybernated recycled canvas gardener's apron features:

  • Adjustable straps and waist tie to offer you a customizable fit
  • Two front pockets to conveniently store gardening tools, seeds, propagated plants for repotting or keep your phone close while tending to your plant babies

Fabric Details

  • 65% recycled cotton, 35% recycled polyester and 9 oz recycled canvas material
  • 100% recycled fabric milled in the USA - Apron designed in LA and sewn in Guatemala

Environmental impact

In comparison to a conventional cotton garment, this apron: 

  • Saves 850 gallons of water 
  • Saves over 1 lb. of carbon emissions
  • Saves over 1/2 lb. of material waste

Made with Everywhere™ fabric technology. Close the loop with Everywhere™ by scanning the QR code on your apron when you receive.

Why Cyril created the apron?

And just like how Mojo Jojo made the Powerpuff Girls, the creative apron is a combination of “Encouraging Creativity”, something that I have always advocated while also utilizing “apparel sustainability” and being “environmentally conscious”. Isn’t it wonderful how we can be creative yet also make a wonderful impact towards our community and the environment?

This holiday season don’t hesitate to gift your family and friends with the creative apron. You can customize it however you want, or you can gift it as is, rest assured, you have already done your part in reducing waste while maximizing sustainability.