Meet Cyril

Cyril [SIRR - uhl] is a plant enthusiast, cat daddy and an all-around creative with a passion for home décor and styling. Based in Silicon Valley in California he combines artistic aesthetics with a passion for plant care, infused with his imaginative take on creating a boho-tanical oasis in their modern condo.

Originally from the Philippines, Cyril started his plant journey in March 2018 when he moved to Monterey, California. He loves a variety of plants ranging from Aroids like Philodendrons, Anthuriums, Alocasias, Monsteras and Aglaonemas. He is also into Cacti and succulents and other caudex plants. And he has a soft spot for epiphytes like Hoyas, Rhipsalis and Huperzias/Lycopodiums. With an engaging community that he has built in his different social media platforms, Cyril is known for this passion for plants, creative skills and execution of his different crafts and creations.


How did we come up with the Creative Apron?

Throughout the years, I’ve always been in the pursuit of anything and everything creative. Over a year ago, I had this conversation with a visual artist friend, Katrina @theboredwife about customizing my own gardening apron. She is such a talented artist and photographer, and we always bounce ideas and creative pursuits. She sent me a watercolor painting of my then Instagram Photo among other botanical prints and I hang them on my wall until we find the perfect “base apron” to execute it in.

 When the opportunity to partner with EVERYWHERE came up, I was so excited to introduce the idea and finally execute the “creative apron”. And the best part is, Everywhere focuses on sustainability, reducing carbon emissions and landfill waste by recycling cotton fibers to come up with beautiful apparel.

And just like how Mojo Jojo made the Powerpuff Girls, the creative apron is a combination of “Encouraging Creativity”, something that I have always advocated while also utilizing “apparel sustainability” and being “environmentally conscious”. Isn’t it wonderful how we can be creative yet also make a wonderful impact towards our community and the environment?

You can customize the apron however you want, or you can gift it as is, rest assured, you have already done your part in reducing waste while maximizing sustainability.